Working Together


Here at Crown House we understand how hard it can be in choosing a nursery for your little one and how important it is that you feel satisfied with the level of care that your child will receive during their time in nursery. We hope that by you feeling satisfied this will enable you to carry on your day feeling at ease knowing your child is in the best possible hands. Here at Crown House we feel that our staff team build up expertise in how children learn within the setting and how they operate, however we understand that every parent knows their child best and with this in mind we believe parents should be involved in every aspect of nursery life. Children usually feel more confident and positive about themselves and their learning when parents and staff work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Our team will support this by:-

  • Providing daily verbal feedback (including sleep, eating, nappy changes, temperament and activities for the day.)


  • Learning journeys – detailing your child’s developmental progress and next steps of learning.

  • Newsletters –information about changes to the setting, upcoming events etc

  • Parents evenings- chance to speak to your child’s key worker in more detail.

  • Stay and play sessions- chance to experience nursery life first hand.

  • Management team available via email or phone to offer advice or support or any other issues as they arise.

  • Open door policy – which encourages parents to raise any comments, concerns or suggestions on how to improve our service.

  • Offering advice, support and guidance with the well-being of your child i.e. behaviour management, potty training, eating habits, etc.