Learning Environment


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning, But for children, Play is serious Learning “

~ Fred Rodgers ~

Our Nursery has been set up with emphasis being put on offering a “Home from Home” environment in which the children will feel safe and secure.

Here at Crown House a neutral and calming environment has been created, therefore this involves a carefully chosen decor and carefully thought out use of music within the environment.

Neutral environments often have lots of light and wide open spaces for children to move and engage with carefully chosen resources available so that children learn to play together and share.

Here at Crown House this set up, has many benefits including :-

· Calming atmosphere – As there is no background noise to distract children.

· Communication friendly – children are able to develop communication and language skills without the distraction of overcrowded spaces full of resources and bright colours.

· Improved behaviour– as often children feel less overwhelmed and anxious and more settled as a clearer learning environments is set.

Our team enable children to explore and practice new skills following their own interests. Our staff are on hand to enhance activities offered to ensure that our children have plenty of opportunities to practice and improve skills, knowledge, develop confidence and become independent learners.

Our  learning environment is set up to stimulate and cater for EVERY child’s needs  ensuring that it enables them to be naturally curious, explore the world around them, experiment and make decisions for themselves.

We ensure our activities offer REAL play experiences so that the children can engage. The attention to detail in the learning environment provides the richness of the overall learning and engagement of the children. Messy play is an important part of early education as it offers many opportunities for learning. It is crucial that children have the opportunity to access messy play as it fosters growth in all areas of development.

Research shows that by children getting messy they are better at learning. Children need to explore their environment through their senses even though primarily they learn through play, so combining their need to play and explore this often results in mess or dirt on their clothes.

We are primarily an English medium nursery however we endeavour to include basic welsh language through the day including sessions with our special friends Flic-a-Flac. Welsh language is incorporated by using incidental phrases, songs, rhymes and stories,  etc.