Golden Treasures-Over 2’s

With our over 2’s emphasis is put upon a child directed learning approach following what we call continuous provision. Children are able to explore and take ownership of their own learning within their own open access play area. A range of experiences are given to the children to develop their own skills. Our on hand staff are readily available to support and assist our children so that they can extend your child’s learning by gathering observations.

All of our activities are organized so that they challenge our children and have the freedom to explore within a constant environment which is safe and inviting. We ensure the quality of each area of continuous provision is assessed both indoors and out so that the children get the maximum benefits. Continuous provision supports children’s learning and development across all seven areas of learning forming an important part of the early years foundation phase.

We believe that continuous provision allows our staff to take our children on a journey and by providing and enriched environment we feel it is the key to supporting children to do this. It is important for our children to return to explorations daily and explore new ideas so that they can build on what they did yesterday or even a few weeks ago.

We work on the following staff to child ratios with our over 2’s area:-

  • 2-3 year old – 1 adult to 4 children

  • 3+ years old – 1 adult to 8 children

Our ratios meet the required National minimum standards.