Little Jems – Under 2’s


Here at Crown House in order to fully support the needs of our Little Jem’s they are split into two smaller groups, They are split into groups according to their age, Our groups are as follows:

  • 0-1 years old

  • 1-2 years old

Our Little Jems have their very own play space consisting of sensory and messy play areas along with a large room offering a range of activities with age appropriate toys and equipment. Their sensory room is full of tactile things to explore and again offering a wide range of real play experiences. Within their messy area children are able to explore a wide of sensory activities including Shaving foam, gloop, jelly or custard, play. Our children can also carry out activities whereby they can explore with paint and create their own masterpieces.

Sensory play forms a big part for our younger children’s routine as activities help to stimulate and develop behaviours based on what a child sees, hears, touches, tastes and smells. The more they engage these senses the more they make sense of the world around them.


In our Little Jem’s room and in line with the national minimum standards we work to the staff child ratio of 1 adult to 3 children.

With our Little Jems our team will follow a routine that mimics the one from home. This ensures that every need of  your little one’s are met, whilst enjoying a range of activities from a planned programme.

You will know what your baby / child has been doing and eaten and drank throughout the day on your daily feedback sheet. Our nursery nurses will run through these at the end of the session so that you will always be informed.