A typical day consists of activity times both indoors and outdoors following what we call continuous provision. Activities include sand and water play, role play, painting etc, all are developed to enhance your child’s development and learning on their terms. By playing outdoors it helps children connect with the natural world; firsthand experience of life and growth, provide endless opportunity for creativity and imagination, improve fitness and physical development, research has shown there are many benefits to playing outdoors and huge emphasis is put on this as part of the daily routine.

Even though activity time forms the main part of the day other important areas such as sleep and rest, mealtimes and snacks forms part of the structure of the day. Separate areas have been set up to help children understand the order of the day offering them the same experiences that they would at home with a bedroom for sleep and dining room area for meals and snack. Within the sleep room classical music is played within the room to relax and soothe the children as they slowly drift off to sleep.



Mealtimes here at Crown House follow a four week menu which is updated and reviewed regularly. All our meals are nutritional and set up following advice from our dieticians. A healthy diet is a key factor in determining health in later life. Eating habits are established at a young age making the early year’s environment an ideal setting in which to influence a child’s diet. Children within the Nursery are given the opportunity to try, and to taste repeatedly, a wide range of nutritious foods. Mealtimes are also used to provide initial social stages whereby children are grouped together along with and adult to enjoy the food put before them.


Example menu